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Understanding Raw    FAQs    Sample Diet    Weaning Pups on Raw   

We have become increasingly concerned at the early age cancers in our beloved breed. We are also very concerned, as are most of us, at the rising incidence of Hip and Elbow displaysia.

We can logically only attribute the shorter life span of our breed today (to what it was 20 years ago) to either  food, water or air. What else is there? These intakes are the most likely logical catalysts for cancer. Since there is nothing we can do about the air, we have left that issue alone, but we have diligently tried in our Rottweilers to achieve a betterment of the other two likely problem candidates; the food and the water. We try to let our dogs drink only filtered water, but most of our effort is in their diet. We feed the B.A.R.F. diet consisting of raw meat, vegetables, fish,  bones and raw uncooked chicken wings, backs and necks.

We do not feed any dog food. When traveling canned fish etc is available at supermarkets, as are fresh vegetables. Or take your own raw food and ground frozen veggies, frozen in a cooler. It lasts that way for about 4 days. And try to stay in a hotel with a refrigerator or preferably a freezer.

We find this diet helps dramatically in the look of the Rottweiler coats, their teeth are clean and white, their muscle tone is better, their attentiveness increases, their eyes are brighter, and their stools are firmer. They are healthier all around.

We add supplements to their diets; we prefer giving Shaklee vitamins, and Barleans Borage Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Omega Fish oil and Barleans Flax Seed oil, and Hemp oil etc

We are lucky to have many health food supermarkets and chicken farms in our area so we buy only hormone free and antibiotic free meat, bones and chicken parts, whenever possible.  

We have learned so much from the following books:

BARF Diet                            Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Give Your Dog a Bone            Dr. Ian Billinghurst
Grow Your Pups with Bones   Dr. Ian Billinghurst

Available at http://www.barfworld.com or (866) 282 2273
Email: barfdiet@ix.net.au


Food Pets Die For:                Ann N. Martin
Protect Your Pet:                  Ann N. Martin
Available at New Sage Press www.newsagepress.com
Email: info@newsagepress.com  or (503) 695 2211
Or through your local bookstore

Before I place a puppy the potential owners must read the BARF Diet and Food Pets Die for.    

To see some of the latest ideas about processed dog food, and why we don't feed it please see: 



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