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Rest Break Time!


2 hours a day of this intense swimming sure makes their exercise routine anything but normal. We find the combination of running, biking 2 miles a day and swimming is not only mentally stimulating but keeps off those unneeded extra pounds and builds incredible muscle tone.

Our Dogs' Environment

In the Summer, from May to October the "kids" get to hang out on 9 totally fenced waterfront acres in Newport RI.  They enjoy this space to run and play and also their 200'x 100' fenced runs, or in the Bay or the pool. They love their caretaker "buddy" Carl Williams, who devotes many hours a day to making sure they help with the gardening etc. Carl was in charge of the US Army German Shepherd rescue dog training in Germany so understands the needs of Working Dogs.

At Christmas time the kids get to come back to Newport again for the best exercise of all...
Running in the snow.

In the winter in Florida they don’t have 9 acres but they do get excellent
“Florida type” exercise


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