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Meet Us

2008-Four Dogs

Our #1 Rottweilers... Dyna (#1 in 2003), Elvis (#1 in 2004), Mel (#1 in 2007, and Bridget (#1 in 2006)

We came to the Rottweiler breed in 1989 after many years experience with smaller breeds such as Chows, Lhasa Apso's and Cocker Spaniels. The noble Rottweiler breed caught our attention at a Dog Show and we became "hooked" after purchasing our first Rottweiler bitch by Amboss Vom Konigsiek in early 1989, followed soon after by dogs from the Cannon River and Vom Hause Neubrand lines.


We waited patiently before acquiring our now famous Dyna, Multi BIS/BISS Ch. Loral's Dynasty CGC, who became a legend in Rottweiler bitches in this country, having two Best in Shows, multiple BISS and finishing 2000 and 2001 as #2 Bitch in the US handled by Jeff Brucker. Then Dyna went on to finish 2003 as #1 ARC Rottweiler (even over all the boys), and #1 ARC and #1 AKC Bitch, under the superb handling and love of Perry Payson. Dyna is a legend and has since given us 2 superb litters; the first by Elvis and the second by Tony (Multi BISS Am/Can Ch. Von Boylans Antonio Banderas, SchH III, AD, BST, BH, CGC, HIC), from which we were blessed with Bridget and Mel. (see below). Dyna loved chasing squirrels, sleeping on the couch, and swimming every afternoon in her pool, chasing her "Air Dogs" with her buddies Elvis, Bridget, Mel, Luci, Maxx and Wanda. Unfortunately we lost Dyna in 2009 at 11years old to an aggressive brain tumor.

Shortly after Dyna joined us, we were blessed and fortunate to be offered the one and only Elvis, V1 Multi BIS/Multi BISS Select American & Canadian Ch. Keerocka's Entertainer, Am/Can CD, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI (www.keerockasentertainer.com). Elvis with Sue and StuartElvis continues to stamp this breed with his wonderful type and incredible temperament. Elvis finished 2003 with Jeff Brucker as the #1 Rottweiler under AKC, #2 in All Breed and was the #1 producing Stud Dog under ARC, AKC, Pedigree and all systems. Elvis won the coveted MRC in 2003 over 300 Rottweilers, started by Perry Payson and finished by Ann Felske-Jackman in one of the most spectacular finales we have EVER seen at a dog show, beating his son Yurri who was the only dog left in the ring with his Dad, for the Medallion.

The cheering was so incredible for this "run off" that the roof of the building in Wheaton IL was shaking, and to see father and son in such a prestigious show as the ONLY two dogs remaining was something we will never forget. Elvis did it again, and had a blast with Ann, who we thank for her dedication to Elvis and for all of his working titles.

With Perry handling, Elvis finished as #1 Rottweiler in 2004, with 3 BIS, 6 BISS and many breed and group wins and placements and was #1 producing Stud Dog under all systems in 2004 as well. Elvis "retired" in 2005 and was most happy being with us chasing his boomer ball and swimming every day, bugging us for his attention with those incredible soft eyes, and every now and again, having his favorite Walts Roast Beef Sandwich treat! Elvis crossed over the bridge in 2009 at 10 years old from a tumor in his inferior vena cava.


Fast forward to 2006 when Bridget (Tony x Dyna) made her debut in the "specials" ring as a young bitch, less than 2 years old. Bridget immediately took the ring by storm and finished 2006 as the #1 Rottweiler (over all the boys), #1 Rottweiler Bitch and #1 Rottweiler bitch all breed. This has never been achieved before by a girl, except maybe many many years ago, and of course by her famous dam, Dyna in 2003. Bridget loves to show her heart out and has quite possibly the best movement of any Rottweiler in recent years. She is relaxing (for the moment anyway), doesn't really like swimming too much but covets her bike rides every day, and is looking forward to her 2 kids from the Baxter breeding, whelped on November 4, 2007 following in her, Mel's and Dyna's footsteps. Bridget was bred again in 2010 to Brady and produced two lovely bitches, Madison and Melody (see later on).


Mel (Tony x Dyna) is Bridget's litter brother and again a dog with incredible breed type, spectacular shoulders and powerful movement, and the temperament to go with it. Mel was with Perry as his special for 2007. Mel won eight (8) specialty shows, numerous breeds and group wins and finished 2007 as the #1 Rottweiler. Mel was another of our very special dogs that we have been blessed with. Unfortunately, also in 2009 at 5 years old we lost Mel to a very aggressive form of hemangiosarcoma in his spine.

In summary then we have been very lucky to have Rottweilers with such great heritage and showmanship. We have the #1 Rottweilers for 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007, but most importantly we own Rottweilers with great breed type and even more importantly Rottweilers with superb temperaments.

Besides being great show dogs, they are all our kids!! They have the very best care possible, live in the house and get treated as they deserve to be...spoiled rotten. We are careful in screening homes for our puppies so they will receive the same love, attention, and ability to work or show, as we give ours. This is an intelligent working breed; we want to keep it that way and ensure that each puppy can reach its very best potential as a show, competition or companion dog, as its Sire and Dam have already.

We have now moved on to the next generation from our foundations with Elvis, Dyna and Bridget. From the Bridget/Baxter breeding Coal and Gem quickly achieved their championships, Rally Excellent titles and both have their CD already. Coal is a beautiful special and we fully expect him to be in the Top 10 by the time he is 4 years old. Gem is also a beautiful show and obedience dog but really enjoys her therapy work. Bridget was then bred to Baxter (see later on) and gave us Madison and Melody who we also have great hopes for. Gem was bred to Elvis and gave us Little Elvis Jr (see later on) who seems to be a repeat of his Daddy!

Stuart and SueWe have only one simple objective; the betterment of the Rottweiler Breed. We will do what it takes to achieve that end, and only that end.

We owe so much to our friends Perry Payson and Jeff Brucker for their individual contributions. Between them they have almost exclusively handled all our dogs in the conformation ring and have been ardent supporters of our quest for bettering the breed. We dearly appreciate the love, care and understanding that they have given our dogs over the years, and most importantly, their devotion to following the standards of feeding we believe will, hopefully for us all, increase the longevity of the breed.

We are code of ethics members of ARC, MRC, CRC, ARV and ADRK. You can find their links later in this website.

Please enjoy all the photos, pedigrees, show records and information we have included here, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Stuart and Sue Larsen
Falcon Crest Rottweilers